Santry Printing: Brochures

Santry Printing has printed thousands of brochures and can offer you a full design service also. We use only the highest quality printing techniques to make sure you get the finish that you want.

For most small businesses, a brochure is a necessity. Brochures have been around for a very long time, but they are still very effective marketing tools. You should always have a variety of brochures on hand to promote your business.

Why should you have several different types of this marketing tool anyway? Well, there are five distinct types of brochures, each of which serves a different purpose. These various types of brochures each have their distinctive style which would serve a particular objective in your marketing campaign. It may be great to have your marketing campaign consider one, two or even several of these brochure types. But that's up to you!

  1. Support Brochures
  2. Direct Mailing
  3. Response Brochures
  4. Checkout Brochures
  5. Drop Off Brochures


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